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Contact Person: Luigi Santino Pulvirenti

Dear students, Dear families,

It's a great honour to be the Principal of this school, because I have been working at Istituto Freud for more than ten years and I entirely agree with its philosophy and its mission.

School represents, after family, the most important educational institution whose primary objective consists in allowing young people to socialize by  making them learn specific ability and sharing common values.

I am completely in favour of a student-centred learning: this is my primary aim. A learner centred education adapts to the needs of the students, creates personalized curricula for each of them, enhances differences and improves students' achievement in learning. I want my students to develop a sense of committment and responsibility, to respect each other and to follow the rules. I also ask them to take an active part to school activities and on my side I promise to always be by their side.

I ask to everyone to share together with me its own experiences, its plans, its needs and let me to take part in school life and to bring me to extracurricular activities, if necessary. 

I ask  to all families to work together to this common project, helping me to better understand their children, their feelings, their weaknesses and their strenghts.We have in common something  precious, we both desire them to make the most of their school experience.

Only if we act together and in agreement, we will be able to find appropriate programs and solutions for improving our children's education in order to overcome critical situations.To achieve this goal, I will use every resource at my disposal and I will put in place the best school- staff, consisting of excellent teachers and professionals, provided with an high level of secretarial and administrative support. Every member of our team must meet all our students' needs. In this background, teachers play a vital role. First of all, a Teacher  set for himself to be the best Educator.The outstanding teacher must be all the students' role model, someone they can trust. Therefore, it's important that teachers have a strong sense  of duty, spirit of balance and cohesion, so that they can provide stability and security in school life. 

Another important element relies on empathy. In this way teachers will be able to share their students' emotions, to better understand their needs and their difficulties. Teachers must show love to their students, appreciate their personal characteristics and differences. Empathetic teachers must listen to their students, steer them right and  “care for them”.

Teaching is also an act of love. Passion for teaching enables students to participate with great enthusiasm and interest. Moreover, teachers should build positive relationships with patience, fairness and optimism. Even the use of humour can help teachers  engage students and maintain their attention. On the contrary distress and anxiety must be avoided.

A very important aspect is how teachers communicate with their students. Teachers should have an assertive appoach. This means: listen actively to them  and be open for an honest and clear communication. All this implies openness to new things, helpfulness, peace of mind, confidence and encouragement. Morever, teachers must embody generosity in their teaching activity. 

Only then, teachers can become  “facilitators” of learning, able to establish an efficient interpersonal relationship with their students, helping them not only to achieve their effective goals, but also to be aware of the importance of their educational process.

To all of you, I promise total committment to my role and I'm always by your side.


Luigi Santino Pulvirenti

S. Freud Paritary Institute - Private School Milan: IT Technical Institute, Tourist Technical Institute and High School of Human Sciences
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Milan High School - Private IT School Milan
Milan Private Tourism School - Human Sciences High School, Social and Economic Address Milan
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Grande persona , Preside di tante scuole e ispettore della Direzione scolastica
questa scuola ha la fortuna di averlo con Se , buon lavoro

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