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Psychological Service for Students

Dr. NAOMI ACETO PSYCHOLOGIST – Order of the Psychologists in Lombardy /16216

The school, together with the family, is the primary training instituion in favour of a proper process of socialization of a single person. Therefore, it's very important to promote the full well-being ( from a physical, psychological and relational point of view) of young people.
For this reason, the school institution doesn' represent the place where teachers can only transmitt their knowledge or provide notions about the several  school-subjects.
On the contrary, the objective of Istituto Freud consists in making the students 'to live' the school background and the school experience as a "place for the promotion of their personal well-being".


The decision to continue in providing a Psychological Service for Students is connected with the quality choice guaranteed by Our Institution. This service includes our students and their families as a part of a wider project, whose primary aim consists in the full valorization of the person and in an emotional and cognitive development, especially by supporting all the young people in difficulty.  

For sure, the school is the privileged context of a psychological intervention in order to face all the issues present in every moment of the personal growth - particularly during adolescence- but also to prevent every form of youth distress.

More specifically, the Psychological Service represents an occasion to approach the Psychologist- a valuable figure of support- who offers to each student during the whole school term the opportunity to experience the value of reflection with the guidance of an expert, who is external to the School Institution. 

The Support Service provides a short-termed psychological consultation that is aimed at the support of a teenager in difficulty, by focusing all its work on the possible problems that the young person is facing, i.e  the developmental tasks of his age that often results in negative consequences as far as concerns his motivation and his performance at school.
The personal reflection -together with an expert- enables  to reduce every form of confusion, to restore prioritisation -  by taking into consideration the values of the teenager- to focus on its own needs, by separating them to social pressions that can influence the young person. The profession of psychologist is characterized by the protection of her professional secrecy and of her non-judgemental attitude, in favour of a deep reflection on the life experience of the young person.The process of reworking - thanks to the approach with a psychologist who uses a non-judgemental, active and empathic listening, but also the attention towards the aspects of speaking and of acting that are not always so clear- permit a real comprehension of its own inner dimension and the related emotional resonances. All this ensures a privileged and meaningful relationship, a real form of listening and a proper process of learning.  

The Psychological Service mustn' t be seen as a psychoterapeutic intervention. It provides a maximum of four sessions per student. Generally speaking, this is enough, so that the student can concentrate on his difficulties and on the viable solutions. He can also rediscover his unexpressed potential, break the deadlock that- in some moments of life- causes inaction and suffering.
Nevertheless, if during the sessions, the psychologist perceives the presence of issues that must be analyzed more in detail, she will address the student to a specialized service in order to continue the treatment.

The Psychological Service for Students is available on MONDAYS, on TUESDAYS and on THURSDAYS from 10.00 to 1.00 pm, starting on the month of October of each school-term. 

Our Psychologist is also at the disposal for interviews with parents and teachers.


We invite you to view  the video presentation of the Psychological Service cliccando qui 

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Un valido sostegno agli studenti e alle famiglie, ringraziamo la dr.ssa Aceto per la sua professionalità.



Da genitore ho trovato molto valido questo aiuto e supporto, nel caso di mio figlio è stato molto utile per completare gli studi



Ho deciso di scrivere questo commento perché questa scuola merita di essere presa in considerazione ;voglio dire a chi leggerà queste poche righe che, IO non ho sentito il peso di andare a scuola ,di dover affrontare l'insegnante arrabbiato, di dovermi nascondere alle interrogazioni o assentarmi al compito in classe , io ho vissuto la scuola ho imparato a superare queste difficoltà ; certo devo ringraziare i professori ,"delle vere persone " prim'ancora che "prof" è tutto l'ambiente che ti fa sentire una persona rispettata e devo dire che anch'io ho imparato a rispettare i docenti ( ...prima avevo tutt'altra reputazione).
Adesso frequento l'università e devo dire che tutto questo mi sta aiutando nelle relazioni e nella gestione dei miei esami



La dr.ssa ha ridato fiducia a mia figlia ed i risultati scolastici sono stati davvero soddisfacenti
credo i ragazzi hanno bisogno, durante l'adolescenza di sostegni come questi.. un grazie di cuore da parte mia va a tt la scuola

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