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School Safety and Security

The Istituto Paritario S. Freud headquarters complies with all safety standards required in a school. 

We ensure our students a safe and secure environment, where they can study in all protection.
The relevant architectural investments assure a building that has been designed in detail, to better to correspond with its school function. 

The building has been provided with:

  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Fire Prevention Certificate (Italian: C.P.I.) released by the National Fire Service
  • Certificate of School Habitability released by Milan city Council 
  • Certificate of Hygiene Standards released by Milan Local  Health Department  
  • Electrical System in compliance with safety regulations
  • Fire Prevention System with control unit
  • Primary Air System equipped with a recirculation unit for all school areas in compliance with safety regulations
  • Central Timer Heating System in compliance with safety regulations
  • Antipanic Emergency Exit
  • Escape Route adequately marked
  • External Fire Escape
  • Lack of Architectural Barriers
  • Free accessibility to people with a disability
  • Lift on all floor

The building is equipped with a video-security system. There is also a double internal gate at the entrance hall, so that students and other users can have a different access.

The whole building has also been secured with a state of the art alarm system supplied by: 
-    motion sensor detectors to intercept any intruders before they try to break into the building
-    cameras and recording equipment- colour-coded and black/white- that allow the identification of possible intruders. The presence of the Surveillance camera is marked by prohibition signs. 

As established by Emergengency and Evacuation Plan, there is a specific surveillance team- on regular rotation- organized together with teachers who  'supervise' each floor and the common areas during the break and at the end of the lessons. In this way the best control of the students and the protection of their safety is full ensured.

Our Institution can also count on the collaboration of a guardian, responsible for the monitoring of order and security in the building. 



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