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Handwriting Analysis Service

Graphology is also an efficient survey tool, that must be related to psychology; it's a natural test created by our subconscious and a scientific method that gives the opportunity of analyzing handwriting from a psychological point of view: through the observation, the analysis and the evaluation of the graphic signs, it is possible to get precise and detailed information about the individual characteristics of someone, by highliting all his tendencies, attitudes and perspectives operating in his psyche.

By analyzing handwriting you can get  a full and complete picture of the student's personality, of his pychic conditions, of his state of mind that can influence his physical well-being. It is also possible to emphasize his cognitive elements, not only by 'quantifying' his intelligence, but also evaluating all his qualitative aspects. Inhibiting factors that limit the realization of our chances are also identified. You are able to understand the perception of the automatic mechanisms, of the mental process, of memory, attention and concentration. Data concerning his emotional life, of his moral and ethical principles are also collected. You can discover the attitude of the 'ego' towards the 'self' and  the surrounding environment, all the trends determining his adaptability, his self- defence mechanisms, every form of fear and anger.

When writing you can also project conflitcs, forms of defiancy, your inner balance or disorders, all the motivations that influence a normal or pathological condition. By analizing a written text it is possible to trace the family settiing and the parental styles. In this way, it 's easy to recognize  peculiar trends or situations of disease that have inhibited the normal development  or that have disturbed a common sense of harmony. 

The handwriting analysis is used as a projective test in several areas of social life.

For self-knowledge:you can identify your potential, your needs and your interests in order to contribute to your self-awareness and self-acceeptance, to improve your performance and to establish satisfying interpersonal relationships. 

For the choice of partner: you can discover mutual similarity or incompatibility.

For the choice of curriculum and of  job-career: you can recognise the motives and the suitable aptitude in favour of development of your potentials, of your personal realization and your access to the workplace and at school.

For recruiting staff: it is possible to take into account the befitting job position.

For the psychological analysis of young people at school and at family:you can look into the origins of difficulty and of the sense of disease  of the young person and help him to find his real personality. 

For judicial support and for psychotherapy and psychopathology aspects.

S. Freud Paritary Institute - Private School Milan: IT Technical Institute, Tourist Technical Institute and High School of Human Sciences
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un progetti utile per gli stduenti ma anche per le famiglie , la drssa Aceto è una persona seria e disponibile


Non posso che quotare Mario!!! Sono un ex studente del FREUD e a distanza di anni ricordo ancora quando la Prof.ssa mi ha chiamato insieme ai miei genitori per leggere il responso sulla mia scrittura.. ha fatto il mio ritratto perfetto! Non ci potevo credere!! Mi ha dato poi ottimi consigli che ho cercato di mettere in pratica.. negli anni posso dire che mi sono davvero serviti, soprattutto per il lavoro!!Consiglio vivamente a tutti di servirsi di questa opportunità! Grazie Freud!


devo dire che la prof.Belletti è proprio brava ad analizzare la scrittura ...con me ha trovato tutte le mie caratteristiche ...grazie prof..grazie FREUD siete grandi davvero


la mia testimonianza è superpositiva , la profssa Belletti è molto carismatica UN CARO SALUTO A TT


Sono un genitore che vuole dire grazie alla prof.ssa Belletti , davvero entusiasmante il risultato della lettura della grafia di mio figlio.. davvero sorprendente!!

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