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Project Streaming "Emozioni di Freud"

The School Sigmund Freud has implemented strategies and  projects  whose aim consists in supporting  emotionally our students. As a matter of fact they are a little bit confused from a psychological point of view as a consequence of the  lock down and the online learning. 

With the constant supportt of the School Psychologist, teachers have developed  a new project  “Emozioni di Freud".

This project takes its origin from the need to maintain the role of educational community in a familiar and welcoming context. This is typical of the "philosophical"  mission of uor School: the class is always vibrant in its unity, its sense of belonging is strenghtened because we want to fight against the risk of loneliness and demotivation in our students. .

This idea comes from the ’observation and the understanding  of the needs and suggestions of the students, with the aim of reducing the gap  caused by the integrated Digital Teaching  and by the restriction on our daily life due to this prolonged period of pandemic.  

The School devises  this project, by comprehending  its high potential, both in relational and cultural terms. Therefore.  it represents an important occasion of quanto occasione di enrichment and  knowledge.

In this time of health crisis due to the Covid 19 pandemic, people is living anxiery, uncertainties, errors and an incessant sense of failure. The School has been always a cosy place that encourages growth and its aim focuses on helping students to face their emotional and cognitive "disorder" provoked by the dramatic and contingent wordly situation. 

Through  the project called  “Emozioni di Freud”, our School is constantly keeping the importance of values such as  inclusion and belonging ,  by using the instruments of  dialogue and empathy. 



On the social media pages of the Freud School , by using the Streamyard platform,  “Emozioni”, will go live. It is a weekly forty-minutes format, so that you can talk of several topics.  

Teachers will be interviewed. You can get to know them personally, but parents can also tell and share their working experiences and something about their lives

Other topics, such as current events, environment, music will be discussed. The most important role is given to emotions and similar feeling as a a consequence of the distance from teachers and school-friends. 

School has always been like our house.  It's here  that teachers  and students spent most of their time, between lessons and extracurricular projects in the afternoon. Covid  has taken everyting out ” – so students said – “now we are at school again and we are looking for the sense of community whe have lost, with modern instruments and new spaces in order to tell these moments of difficulty but also to recover our favourite pastimes and interests put aside in these last months. Maybe it will be possible to discober new ones and start again together”.


In detail: in the streaming project “Emozioni di Freud” will  develop a proper format with on line contents  to give space to the several requests that will be streamed on air: the most important moment called  “ FREUD interview”, will represent the part of the broadcasting , with a topic of discussion that each entertainer will analyze with personal contributions and will end with a “ Freud Call”, a special moment aimed at the major school events. 


All the releases in this series will be planned week after weeke, by choosing the most proper contents and the online meetings on Microsoft Teams and the recording at school.  ogni puntata ci sarà un lavoro che si programmerà di settimana in settimana, con la scelta dei contenuti e le riunioni a distanza su Microsoft Teams e le registrazioni a scuola.

The first speakers are the teachers who have planned this project. Then, the protagonists will be our students.

Everybody is dreaming of coming back  to school again. 

The very reason  of the streaming project  “Emozioni di Freud”, consists in getting to know ourselves , through a storytelling able to bring culture. This will represent an occasion of being involved in a growing and constant sense of community and belonging. We can be together despite the distance according to the values of an inclusive and empathic educational Community that distinguish the main features of Freud School. .

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