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To support our students in their changes, in their growth concerning " THEMSELVES" and the " OTHERS", it's one of the tasks of the school institution. However, it is useful to remember the importance of the form of several experiences, from an emotional and cognitive point of view due to the adolescence.  

As a matter of fact, in this period young people are afraid of uncertainties, mistakes and failure, but every day with a strong spirit, it's necessary to encourage the students in avoiding stagnation, even though it can seems a siuation of stability.   

Our students have to remember the importance of the continuous attention towards the light of values, which help them to face difficulties and think critically. The process of education is a special form of imprinting useful to discover a new world with many facets.  

 “Freud School” is an educational community, because we have given life to a wide relational conviviality, interwoven with several emotional languages. We have been able to promote the sharing of those values that allow their members to live as in a real community.  

Our school enhances not only the process of teaching and learning, but also different approaches in teaching and living life.  Ours is an INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY.  

We are constantly passing through the transition from a society partially stable to another one characterized by several changes and disruption. This new background is ambivalent for every person, for every community, for every society: at the same time it increases the risks and the opportunities. 

Today, the learning process at school is only one of the several forms of eucational development. 

The School Institution has to convey  “feelings" to the variety of the students' experiences in order to reduce the division and the episodic events that risk to distinguish the life of teenagers.  

The horizon of the territorial cooperation is extended.  Every specific region has longstanding ties with different parts of the world and this latter is a dimension that reproduces opportunities, interactions, tensions and global partnerships. 

The School Institution has to provide proper support so that every person will be able to develop a conscious and open identity. Therefore, our School is a  friendly and plural answer to the exasperated individualism of the new generations. 

Freud School is a cultural and relational context able to forge links in the new human background: we assist to the extension and dispersion of the external boundaries. Now, it's necessary to reshape the interior values according to an ethic based on the importance of  the “social life”.

Our School/ Community is a place to plan new forms of FUTURE rich in meaning for everybody: our primary aim consists in showing new and meaningful perspectives and development paths.  

Our School/ community is a cultural and combinatory place of comparison for all the social components.  

As an open definition of educational paths  classified in the following categories near/far, harmony/contrast, being/appearance , rationality/ fascination. 

We have to indicate our keywords in the educational project of shared contents, experiences and relations and expand the PERSONAL boundaries in MUTUAL plans addressed towards important destinations:  INCLUSION – SCHOOL -  FAMILY - TERRITORY.

We take care, particularly, of the forming of the class as a group , of  the promotion of collaborational ties among their components, of the management of inevitable conflicts due to the spontaneous process of socialization.  We create the school setting like a a welcoming space, involving also the students in this goal. 

For this reason, the conditions in favour of the well-being at school are very important, so that teenagers can take part to an educational project to share. 

We are in favour of the "Creation" of important group links  that choose to place the person at the center of the educational intervention. This represents a necessary condition for a mutual form of development.  

We design the necessary instruments of knowledge in order to understand all the natural, social, cultural and anthropological aspects where students have to learn and work. l

We pursue a double educational profile: vertically and horizontally. 

The vertical line expresses the need to create a new educational approach  that can ensure a lifelong learning; the horizontal line expresses the need of a careful collaboration amomg the school and the different extraschool "actors" and their several educational roles. 

First of all, the family. We are teaching the rules of living and sharing experiences. Nowadays, this task is more difficult than in the past, because there are many situations where families have more difficulty in playing their educational role. 

We suggest a new educational approach, so that students can make autonomous and creative choices, as a result of a continuous engagement of their planning in conformity to those values typical of the contemporary society. 

We pursue the aim of a constant educational partnership with the families. These are constant relations able to recognize the several roles and able to support mutually the common educational aims. 

Our School is open to families and the surrounding territory, by focussing on the instruments provided by the school autonomy. First of all, school is a set of rules, but also a ne way of considering its relations with the local and national community memberships.  

Our school enhances not only the process of "teaching to learn", but also different approaches in "teaching to live their own lives". 

Are our students Happy?

It's the first question we ask as a School: are our students happy? What do they think of our School? 
Everyday, we want to increase the feelings of well-being and satisfaction of our students, by improving constantly my biggest creation: A school that is a real educational community. 

At Freud School, the essential step is in ourselves, in our strongest points: creativity, talent and the force of giving rise to something new. 
I believe in all those teachers who want to make the difference, who have already understood the value of the human beings with whom they are in a constant relation. 
I believe in all those teachers that want to bring their human spirit in class, without neglecting their professional experience, because they are school professionals and not simple employees in any company. 

I like guiding my students in discovering the dimensions of education, of respect and of rationality, so that each of them has got the instruments to "make their life spring forth". 
My dream is my students to be happy, because at school they can be at their ease, they can laugh. My school is a happy school. SCHOOL is MADE OF PEOPLE who have not to be conformed to the mediocrity of ordinary life.  

I care my students have a good cultural level, even though I know that they want to learn, but as educators we can't only transmitt knowledge. A constant and efficient form of learning has to involve moments of fascination and good teachers have to power to purse these objectives, so that their students can properly be ready to the process of learning. 

I like thinking of a school that can be open to everybody, careful to the human being and to the development of young people; it is necessary to teach in being happy, so that students can be prepared to face the second step of their lives as conscious adults. 
I like thinking of a school considered as a meeting point, as an additional value to our students' growth, a reference for the present and for the future.  
I like thinking of a continuos debate considered as discoveries of values and meanings. 
I like considering that what I really want can be fulfilled in order to give rise to results that can be enjoyed by all the people who appreciate " learning by doing".  

School is the true heart of life, a source of inspiration, a novel opening a window, a new-born desire and a dream that can be fulfilled. 
All our students have to nourish these expectations, so that they can fly like birds. 
I want all this to be realized every day and I will be with them every day; my dear Students, I will be at our side!  

"The primary aim of education consists in creating people that can think and act on their own, but able to see in the community their highest life problem. . Albert Einstein

“Human beings are oriented in the realization of the senses " Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Dott. Daniele Nappo

S. Freud Paritary Institute - Private School Milan: IT Technical Institute, Tourist Technical Institute and High School of Human Sciences
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una persona gentile e cordiale , un vero uomo al comando di una scuola molto organizzata e strutturata


Persona di Grande Carisma e forte condottiero


Lui è l'anima di questa grande scuola, organizzata al minimo dettaglio; grandissima persona.


La scuola ha un identità che rispecchia chi la gestisce, in questo caso in modo esemplare.


Persona eccezionale, la Sua Scuola è una rappresentanza di organizzazione e programmazione


il dr.Daniele Nappo è una persona eccezionale ha sempre parole d'incoraggiamento e di tutela per i suoi studenti


Ho conosciuto il dr.Daniele Nappo e lo reputo straordinario sia professionalmente che umanamente

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