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Placement Office

 "S. Freud" School is strongly oriented to quickly and profitably integrate its students into today's "labor market," which has become so dynamic and complex.

To this end, our school pays special attention to bringing its students closer to the production realities not only at the end of the five years but already during the curricular course of studies, activating and promoting participation in training internships.
Through a networking network, the School puts its students in touch with the visions of business realities and allows them a practical entry into the world of production.
The "S. Freud" Institute fosters active teaching methodologies and a constructive dialogue with the local productive fabric, enhances the resources within itself and in the territory of orientation, chooses its interlocutors to "relaunch" an educational offer functional to its environment.
The SCUOLAZIENDA PLACEMENT OFFICE, intends to support and implement a refined design by experience, so as to curve curricula, making them more responsive and attractive to the needs of the world of work.
ScuOLAzienda's action is aimed at achieving greater awareness with respect to:

  • to one's abilities and aptitudes;
  • to the choice of one's path, educational first and professional later;
  • to the logicalness in the management of a task of responsibility;
  • to the knowledge of the interest of the entrepreneurial fabric of one's home district.

This action also aims to:

  • support the growth in young people of mental skills aimed at problem solving and forecasting of process experiences, overcoming the traditional logic of the activity related to the simple application of technical/theoretical principles;
  • enhancing the student's attitudes to synergistic and active collaboration -albeit in the specificity of roles- between different professionalism and operational fields;
  • research and confront theoretical models of reference through which to elaborate case histories and identify solutions;
  • enhance interpersonal communication skills, in the group and in organizations;
  • create situations of confrontation between one's self and the "other," in order to identify one's own strengths and limitations and improve the management of one's "self."
  • to collaborate and work with and in schools for the dissemination of business culture in order to contribute to a reflex improvement of teaching as well.


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