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S. Freud School  has made an  agreement with English School TLA - The Language Academy - in Fort LauderdaleMiamiFloridaUSA.

The mutual will of both educational institutions to sign a pact on collaboration arises from the awareness of having similar ideas and values.  In this way the educational”  system is not only considered as a precise professional organization, but it also gives high priority  to the principles of hospitality,inclusion, internaztonalisation and to an  open mind vision.

Both for School  S. Freud and for TLA Academy  the activity of teaching and learning  consists,  first of all , in active learning:  the student represents the focal part of the process for acquiring knowledge, elicited by an active and interactive involvement to  a new kind of lesson,  not only traditional, but on the contrary more and more addressed to the approaches of cooperative learning and learning by doing.

According to both institutions, the activity of teaching focuses on customize in an individual manner the educational approach targeted to the single student. 

Both School Institutions take care of the quality and professional features  of their teachers, who are selected with attention and who is capable of establishing with their students an una relazione empathetic relationship  based on mutual  cooperation and trust addressed to the achievement of the educational success from a cultural and human perspective at the same time.   

Order, precision, transparency,  dynamism, technology and harmony: these are only some of the distinguishing tracts that both Schools have in common.  

As a consequence of the agreement that has been made between both educational agencies, the students of School Freud are going to complete the  CLIL Programs  (Content and Language Integrated Learning) at TLA Academy. These programs concern the curricular teaching and students will also do an  afferenti alla programmazione didattica curricolare e condurranno esperienze di internship according to the principles of WORK- RELATED LEARNING EXPERIENCES.  

Below the three- years agreement between both schools.


The Agreement on the date 1th May  2018 (“actual day”) has been made between the School  S. FREUD, via Accademia 26 - 20131 Milan (Italy), here identified as (“Freud”) and TLA “The Language Academy”, South Andrews Avenue 200- suite 401- Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (“the School );

considering that  both parts share the same vision concerning the principles of education and a similar engagement for a quality policy;

considering that the Freud School wants to develop cooperative agreements with academic and international institutions in order to give their students global solutions so that their educational results will be reached. 

considering that  TLA (the School) controls schoos of foreign languages in the USA and teaches English to students from every part of the world, the School is engaged in a wide range of attempts in recruiting future international students;  

considering that TLA currently offers development programmes regarding English and international curricula; 

considering that theFreud School has appreciated the quality of the the TLA programmes and has recognized them as valid educational instruments for their students; 

considering that the Freud School  wants to enroll qualified students to the TLA courses (The School) ;

considering that the Freud School and TLA Academy want to work together in order to promote the development of an international education and the achievement of skills in English as a foreign language to talented students able to use the context of this school to enrich the contents of their programmes .


Both parts point out the following.


a) by recognizing the importance of the mutual collaboration among foreign countries and different cultures and the support to the society due to the results of an international form of education, both parts share the desire to develop the enhancement and the enrichment of educational experiences and of international researches for teachers and students. 

b) The main purpose of this agreement consists in providing a general basis where there are precise activities of cooperation in an academic and cultural field of study so that they can be implemented by involving teachers and / or students of the Freud  School and of "the School". Another aim of the so-called agreements consists also in improving the international opportunities of our students, with the development of their awareness concerning global issues and in the improvement of their abilities in their lifetime.  

c) in turn Freud will engage its school in offering programmes in a high standard of English language to their international students. 

d) The study - programmes abroad and its lenghth will be decided by the  Freud School.


TLA School can :

a) TLA (The School) can, as a consequence of further revisions and whenever it will be necessary, to diffuse curricula in the English language in accordance with the qualifications of Freud school, including topics and issues of special interest for their students. Moreover, TLA will provide precise study programmes contributing to the improvement of specific skills in English language for Italian students by complying with the requirements of the Italian Ministry of Education guidelines;  

b) give information and marketing collateral in relation to the School - Programs, so that Freud School  can provide information to their students and families by the use of :

  • promotional material including brochure, information on courses, posters and leaflets; 
  • guide on the ranklists in entry and further dossiers which are necessary for an efficient consultation of the students. 


Freud School :

a) Freud School can promote programmes for families and students in counseling sessions, slideshows, workshops, trade exhibitions, meetings and similia; 

b) whenever it is necessary to provide the TLA specific programme, i.e for the study field of Tourism/ Management and Human Sciences High School. In particular, Freud School accepts to give to TLA curricular specifications that can be so detailed so that the same TLA Academy can manage or include in its fields of study important elements concerning the school lessons of our students;  

c) Freud will give an evaluation/assessment for all students involved in a TLA programme and they will receive a certificate of attendace with the names, signatures and seals of both School Institutions.  


4.1 The present agreement will remain in force for three years since its effective date, unless it is closed earlier in accordance with the arrangement of this section.After this end, the agreement can be restored for three consecutive years prior mutual approval of both parts. 

4.2 Each of the parts can withdraw from the present contract for convenience anytime giving 90 days notice in writing.  


Nothing within the contract must be seen as a fusion between FREUD School and TLA School Academy.  Both school institutions are engaged only in accordance to the goals and conditions present in the contract. TLA and FREUD ( The School) must have the full control of their employees and of their school staff. In addition to this, they are the solely responsible for the payment of all wages or the contributes to their teachers and employees. This also concerns the taxation on employment. 

Subject to the end of the Agreement, the School must ensure that neither its teachers nor employees have to act as TLA teachers or employees.  

Now, following this, both Parts have made sure that this agreement is arranged and signed by their relative representaa seguito di quanto sopra, le Parti hanno fatto sì che questo accordo fosse stipulato e sottoscritto dai loro rappresentanti.

Signed in Fort Lauderdale, FL 01/05/2018


General Manager : Mr. Marco Pinna


Legal representative: Dott. Daniele Nappo

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ACCET: it's  the center of many institutions and business companies whose primary aim consists in improving the education process in the perspecttive of lifelong learning. The ACCET accreditation gives more than a simple seal of approval. Literally, it's a very quality association. 

NAFSA: it's short for Association of International Educators. It's seat is in  Washington D.C., the capital of the USA. NAFSA promotes the exchange programs for students and teachers from and to the USA.

This Association provides and keeps high standards of an excellent training in the field of foreign languages. In fact, NAFSA members are convinced that the international educational exchange can encourage the learning process and can build a form of respect among different peoples by supporting the vision of a global community. 

IALC: the International Association of Language Centers has been founded in 1983. It's a network of independent language schools of high standards, that teach their mother tongue to students coming from  every part of the world.  All IALC schools  must adhere to  IALC Ethics Code. Together with this Quality System, the Ethics Code represents the basis for ensuring the quality of IALC language schools. It focuses on the best experience in managing the quality of internal language schools, by employing qualified teachers and by giving at disposal a well-designed CV, proper advertisement and the full support of all students in extracurricular hours. 

ALTO: Association of Organization of Language Travel,  ALTO promotes the learning process of  "a foreign language in the same native speaking country " among people in the whole world supporting competence and high standards of service. TLA is an ALTO member.

AAIEP: American Association of Intensive English Programs: this company promotes moral and professional  standards  for programs of intensive courses in English. Schools belonging to AAIEP  comply with this policy.

Quality English: Quality English schools offer an excellent service, a unique status and a wide range of courses. These are independent and accredited  school institutions.  


The TLA location is Fort Lauderdale, one of the most fascinating places in Florida and is only 40 km away from Miami. The schoolhouse is an impressive building within a glass structure in modern style. Its bus-stop is only 10 minutes from the beach way, in a very central position with an easy access.  

In the surrounding area you can find The Museum of Arts, the Public Library, the famous shopping Center  “Las Olas”, several restaurants, universities and a public garden. 

In its interior, the schoolhouse is very large with big and bright  classrooms equipped with modern technological device. In a separate suite Executive programs are also available, together with a well- equipped computer lab, a school library with multimedia materials and business magazines, a refreshement lounge room with a cafeteria, microwave ovens and telephone. 

 Internet  Wi-Fi is free and enabled throughout the school. 


Fort Lauderdale is considered as the “Venice of America” and recognized as one of the best cities in the USA. This wonderful city comblines a sub-tropical climate together with a great technological development. In fact, Fort Lauderdale is one of the wealthiest places in Florida and it is characterized by a lively young vibe. The air is pure and clear, the beaches are a true paradise surrounded by wonderful beaches.   

The city is not only a popular holiday destination but also a business and financial center worldwide. Moreover, many international companies have been established in  Fort Lauderdale.

The airport for business and private flights is at the seventh place in the Usa and this is typical of the vibrant economy and culture of this astonishing country.  

Its population with an average age of 37  has got a per capita income of 48,000 dollars p.a, above average of the American national average. In 1997, the popular magazine Time included  Fort Lauderdale in the list of the 15 Anerican cities with the best career opportunities.  

Port Everglades, one of the most important sources of income of the city, is the second passenger port all around the world and it welcomes everyday the most famous cruise ships, such as  the Queen Elizabeth 2, the Costa Classica and the  Carnival Cruise.

Fort Lauderdale is also a true paradise for water sports lovers. In the surroundings of the beach area, it will be possible to hire different  jet-skis e parasail.  American yooung people love windsurfing and playing beach volley. In  Fort Lauderdale you can also find the Swimming Hall of Fame, the swimming pool complex with springboards, where the National Olympic Team  used to train; it is open to visitors.






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