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"The job in your future" - Dott.ssa Marina Giardini, Employer Branding Manager di TIM - S. Freud School

14 marzo 2017

The Educational Coordinator, in compliance with the resolutions of the Teaching Staff is communicating that the classrooms 3^ A IT and 4^A IT of the S. Freud Technical and Technological State Recognized School will take part in the teaching event called  "The job in your future: what you can do after the School" on Tuesday the 24th of March 2017 and on Thursday the 6th of March 20127. The speech will be held by Mrs. Marina Giardini, the Employer Branding Manager of TIM.

TIM is the biggest ICT company in Italy, it's the engine of the Italian digital life. It provides  high quality services and premium digital contents thanks to the development of new infrastructures. The investments of the 4G fibre betwen 2016 and 2018 will be of 4,5 billion euros in order to increase the digital coverage. In October 2016, the fibre reached 56% of buildings and the 4G reached 95% of inhabitants ahead of schedule. They intend to reach 80% of the whole fiber coverage within the end of 2017  and 98% with the 4G. They aim at offering the consumers the new connection services, dedicated digital contents as well as a wide range of devices and applications: smartphones, tablets, decoders, apps and clouds. The digital contents include the music, the books, the video-games and much more, starting with the most important sports events that are always updated. In order to make your daily life esier there will be the electronic payments, the domotics, the digital medical file and the certified e-mail to improve the communication with the public administration, there will be the electronic whiteboard for the schools and web-based teaching environments. The companies will be offered modular customzed solutions: proper pricing plans, high-speed connections, data applications and control of energy consumption, advanced cloud platforms, solutions and IT infrastructures.  For the professionals and the small businesses TIM Impresa Semplice has been developping advanced solutions that include the Certified Electronic Mail, the Digital Signature, the "dematerialization" services through the Documents Database and the Electronic Invoicing together with  a number of IT solutions focused on the Cloud by Nuvola Store Services.


This event-lab is aimed at gathering the students and the teachers in order to share the information and arize the awareness of the post-school orientation.

After getting to know each-other and after collecting  the students' expectations everyone will have to possibility to go deep into their passions and strenghts

At the end of this event, the lecturer will introduce the results of the International research regarding the future working scenarios in Italy so that the students will be able to make a personal plan related to their post-school projects.



  • Supporting the students in their post-school choices
  • Developping their awareness regarding their skills and potential
  • Providing the proper tools to analyze the context and the digital world



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