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"Helen and her double" - to the theatre with the students - first grade classrooms - Freud Technical School

3 dicembre 2014

Tomorrow, on December the 4th 2014, all the students of  IA IT and Tourism will take part in the visit at the theatre to see the play put on stage by the theatre company Kerkis "Helen and her double", at the San Lorenzo Theatre, Corso di Porta Ticinese 45, Milan.

The play was born from the studies of the Lab of Ancient Playwriting of Università Cattolica del S.C. of Milan in 2010-2011, it was revised and re-worked several times along the years by the acting company belonging to the Kerkis Association. The Ancient Theatre on Stage is becoming one of ther most popular pièce from their repertoire.

Helen by Euripides is one of the most exciting dramas written by the same dramatist and it went on stage during the Great  Dionysia of 412 B.C.

Everyone knows, in general terms, the Homer's Myth of the protagonist, the woman who caused the most disastruous war that ever hit the Greek people. Nevertheless, Euripides decided to take inspiration from an alternative version of the myth (already used by the poet Stesicoro in the VIth century B.C.) by increasing the spectetors' wonder who were expecting to see  the adulterer heartbraker on stage: the real Helen never went to Troy with Paris, but she was taken to Egypt wrapped in a cloud by the will of Era who was furious because she lost the beauty competition versus the other goddesses.

She was protected by the king Proteo, she has waited for her husband to come back for seventeen years but instead of the real Helen there was her double in Troy, an eidolon, a cloud with the same appearance so the war of Troy together with the following devastation and slaughters was unawarely fought just "for a cloud": a vanishing inconsistent cause. This tragedy has been considered as a cunning accusation of Euripides against the war, in any form, when Athens was counting its death people after the war against Sparta.

This teaching activity belongs to the Culture Project set up by the S. Freud School and it aims at approaching the students to the world of the Classics of the Teatre.


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