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6 maggio 2016

On Thursday the 5th of May the students of the Technical Technological, Economics and Tourims and IT will take part in the table tennis tournament at the Bonacossa Sports Centre in Milan, via Mecenate 74 within the Students' Games, the Freud School took part in this initiative with motivation and enthusiasm.

The students competed versus other schools of Milan, they were already ranked in the first position after the internal preliminary round which took place in the school on Monday the 2nd of May.

Here are the students' reviews.

Bernardo, First Grade IT talks about the preliminary round of the tournament of May the 2nd:

On the 2/05/2016 the table tennis tournament took place at the Freud Istitute, the first six finalists were chosen to take part in the provincial students championships. The tournament was divided into two parts, the boys' one and the girls' one. The four qualified boys would play for the students' championship while the first two girls would play for the chanmpioship as well. So the six students who will take part in the students' champioship are: Sofia, Chiara, Matteo, Sirio, Andrea and Alessandro.

I had a great time and it was an amazing experience. Thanks Freud!”.


Alessandro, who took part in the provincial games recalls:

“On April the 5th 2016 at 8,00 a.m. we gathered into school with the teacher Giaimo, we went to the Bonacossa Sports Centre. I was excited while I was enetering the sports centre since it was really huge!! We started to warm up then, split into different groups, we started to play versus other schols. Unfortunately we were soon eliminated from the tournament by the S. Nicola school and our gilrs couldn't pass the first round of play too. 

Anyway what I liked the most was the great time we spent together and our teacher Giamo was happy too. We liked being together and taking part in the event with a true spirit of friendship!”.



If you want to see the photos of May the 2nd access the following link

To see the photos of May the 5th access the fllowing link



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