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1 dicembre 2022

On the dates Dec. 19 and 20, 2022, all students in the fourth classes of the Computer Technology Technical, Tourism Economics Technical and Human Sciences High School addresses of the S.Freud School will participate in a visit to the Ferrari Museum - Maranello, an educational-sports trip, which allows them to experience the legend of the Cavallino rampante firsthand. 


The Ferrari Museum in Maranello allows you to experience firsthand a unique and immersive journey through the cars that have made motoring history on tracks and roads around the world.

At the Ferrari Museum you can climb aboard semi-professional Formula 1 simulators and experience the driving sensations usually reserved for drivers. After a briefing by a technician you step into the cockpit and the virtual experience begins.

The Museo Enzo Ferrari develops a unique and immersive museum experience that reaches back to the most authentic origins of the world's most famous brand. Standing out against the Modenese skyline with its unmistakable yellow hood shape, it encapsulates the story of Ferrari's founder, as well as showcasing some of the most beautiful and successful cars ever.

The Engine Museum: Inside the perfectly restored workshop where Enzo's father worked, it is possible to visit the Ferrari Engine Museum, discovering the most experimental engines and admiring those perfect mechanisms, designed for track and road cars, that have brought so much satisfaction to Ferrari and to all Cavallino Rampante's  fans.

The visit to the Museum also includes participation in the Red Campus project - a highly educational experience where our students will concretely investigate areas of discovery and innovation and workshop modes to combine together with the sense of curiosity and interest also the aptitude 

It should be noted that each student participating in the Red Campus workshop will be given a certificate of participation.


- To learn about historical and cultural realities, part of our country;

- To foster the culture of "COMMITMENT" a fundamental element of sports, from a formative point of view;

- To foster a sense of criticism and observation;

- To arouse curiosity and interest;

- Encourage teamwork and increase pride in belonging to a cohesive team; and

- Enhance the ability for relational autonomy outside the school environment

- Foster attention to scientific thinking and technological innovation

- Enhance a sense of creativity and the ability to learn from mistakes

- Fostering a sense of collaboration through the constant pursuit of improvement by means of effective communication management.

- Foster the pursuit of excellence

- Stimulate sense of imagination and creativity

- Recognize the importance of owning a plan and knowing how to seize opportunities in an educational setting

- Raise awareness toward the communicative power of symbolic elements belonging to the cultural traditions of Our Country

- Recognizing the international characteristics of Our Country's industrial traditions;

- Raising awareness toward multidisciplinary and cross-cultural education;

- Outline destination marketing strategies, as a strategy for the promotion of cultural-industrial realities that are part of the territory.


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