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Educational trip "Il Malato immaginario" - classes IV ICT and Tourism

15 dicembre 2015

On Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2015, classes 4^ A Computer Science, and 4^ A Tourism of the S. Freud Institute will participate in the play "The Imaginary Sick" by Moliere, directed by Andrée Ruth Shammah, at the Parenti Theater in Milan, 14 Pier Lombardo Street.

Andrée Ruth Shammah returns to her "timeless and all-time" Sick, built on a play that weaves existential angst, amusement and satire of the neuroses of our time. Today, in the role of Argan, an actee at the height of his artistic maturity: Gioele Dix, who with his intelligent irony will face the challenge of a confrontation with the unforgettable Franco Parenti. Alongside him Anna della Rosa and a cast of true excellence.


Motivations and aims:

- Theater is always a very valuable educational tool, to which it is good to bring the younger generation closer, certain that through it it is possible to convey themes and content in a compelling and interesting way (also considering that it is a musical work).

- The fourth-year educational program contains the study of Baroque Theater, with a focus on French comedy, and Moliere specifically.

- The content of the story and the language used in the script are absolutely faithful to the original, yet re-proposed in an appealing contemporary key; therefore, viewing the play can rightly be considered a true introduction to Moliere's writing.


- To understand the importance of the story addressed, including its contemporary implications.

 - To acquire diversified keys to interpret characters and events.

 - To begin to acquire an awareness of the theatrical dimension in the cultural landscape in which one grows up.

 - Develop a critical and aesthetic sense, useful for evaluating the different cultural inputs one is subjected to.

Happy viewing!



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