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Post graduation guidance conference - State Recognized School

2 maggio 2017

On the 2nd of May 2017 the students of the classroom 5^ A IT will take part in the conference regarding the post graduation guidance “Working for Corvallis”.

The meeting will be held by Mrs.Raffaella, Manager of the Human Resources Development and Training of Corvallis Holding S.p.A and it will be held at the school's premises from 9.00 to 12.00

Corvallis is one of the main companies dealing with the IT services of the Italian market, its high valued offer is addressed to the banking, the insurance, the industrial and the service field and to the publicc administration as well. Its funcitional, technological and processing skills that have been acquired along 30 years of experience are focused on specifi offers: advisory services, software integration, products, application services and outsourcing, a second business model aimed at implementing the innovative solutions to support the clients and reach their goals. A wide network of partnerships makes this company highly competitive and it enables it to offer highly integrated IT solutions. Corvallis wants ro be considered a “strategic partner ”, by sharing the clients' goals and oppoprtunities. The well-established heritage of technological and process skills, the flexibility and the cooperation are the features that have always made us different on the market. The achievements of the last twenty years are the consequence of this model based on the following values: 

  • Knowledge - the knowledge of our clients' business;
  • Anticipation - our commitment is aimed at understanding and anticipate the clients' needs;
  • Flexibility - the flexibility and the respect of the single needs;
  • Ethic - the search for clear and true business relationships;
  • Team - the idea that the teamwork is the foundation of each successful relationship.


  • Sharing the information and the most useful ways to provide a good post-graduation guidance.
  • Knowing the job opportunities that can be matched with the curriculum in the IT field.
  • Stimulating the interest for the curriculum's subjects and enhancing the motivation thanks to the knowkedge acquired at school.


  • promoting the connection between the subjects that are studied at school and the labour market
  • Supporting the students with their the post-graduation choices

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