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"The Freud Institute talks about Sigmund Freud" - private school

16 marzo 2016

The Educational Coordinator, in compliance with the resolutions of the teaching staff is inviting all the students of the Vth grade of the Technical Technological IT and Technical, Economics and Tourism to take part in a conference about Sigmund Freud and the psychoanalysis revolution called “The Freud Institutes talks about Sigmund Freud”.

The conference will be held on Saturday the 2nd of April 2016 from 10.00 to 12.00 at the school's premises, it will be held by Daniela Ferro, the teacher of the literary subjects and graduated in Psychology and a skilled professional in this field.


  • Sigmund Freud before the psychoanalysis: the beginning of the positivist science; the Chabod method; the apprenticeship with Breuer; the catartic method (hypnosis); the cases of Anna O. and Elizabeth von R. (Essays on hysteria).
  • The starting of psychoanalysis: issuing of the essay " The interpretation of dreams. Dreams as unconscious models. Latent and evident contents. The dreamlike work: sublimation, condensation, dilation. Similarities between the evident contents of dreams and the neurotic sympthoms. Freud's self-analysis.
  • Freud's metapsychology. the first model: the psyche divided into three systems, the unconsciuos, the pre-conscious and the unconscious. The iceberg pattern. The second model: a new map of the human mind (after the breaking up with Carl G. Jung) through the three main aspects, Es, Super ego, Ego.
  • The unconscious: the instinctual energy of the Libido. The dualism of Libido like Eros and Thanatos.
  • The psychological sexual development in the children's personality: the five steps and their deviation towards adulthood.
  • The differences between Freud's psychoanalysis and the Jung's analitic one from the point of view of the “Unconscious”.
  • Social development of Freud's psychoanalysis.


  • knowing the basic aspects of the Freud's psychoanalysis.
  • Contextualizing the psychoanalysis revolution within the historical period featured by the precursors of the Great War.


  • Providing the Vth grade students the proper knowledge about “Sigmund Freud” in case they were interviewed about him on the final exam since they are attending a school that took his name.
  • Providing the teachers with a proper in-depth of the teaching program.
  • Enabling the students to familiarize with a frontal lesson in preparation of their university cycle of studies or enabling them to deal with a conference on their future workplace.
  • Helping the students to keep their attention level in a wider space like the auditorium.

FARE: a fare of  € 5 is requested in order to promote a responsible attendance, to be paid within Wednesday the 30th of March at the school's office.

We highly recommend to take part in this conference.

A certification of attendance will be handed after the conference.


S. Freud Paritary Institute - Private School Milan: IT Technical Institute, Tourist Technical Institute and High School of Human Sciences
Via Accademia, 26 Milano – Tel. 02.29409829 Virtuale fax 02.73960148 –
Milan High School - Private IT School Milan
Milan Private Tourism School - Human Sciences High School, Social and Economic Address Milan
Contact us for more information: [email protected]

Famiglia Barbierato



Gaia e io siamo rimaste entusiaste in merito alla conferenza su S. Freud, tenutasi questa mattina presso la Vs scuola.

La Prof.ssa Ferro ha spiegato in modo comprensibile e coinvolgente (anche per i "non esperti" di psicologia) un argomento difficile, facendo una sintesi chiara e ben strutturata.

Complimenti alla Prof.ssa per la sua professionalità e disponibilità, e alla scuola per aver organizzato l'evento !

Grazie per riferire il ns apprezzamento alla Profssa, alla Dott.ssa Meazza, al Dr. Nappo e a chi ha permesso di dar luogo a questa iniziativa.

Cordiali saluti e buon fine settimana.

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