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22 gennaio 2019

The editorial MI TOMORROW issued on the 21st January 2019 is about OUR SCHOOL, it contains an interview with the Legal representative of the School, Mr. Daniele Nappo.

We are prowd to introduce the article written by the journalist Giovanni Seu.





There is a multi-media teaching at the Freud School, the teachers are young and the students are technological. Daniele Nappo: “Starting a school up is not like opening a bar, you need an idea”.


There are glasses all around so that you can se what's happening inside the classrooms, the doors' names are “unconscious”, “superego” o “anamnesis”, in some classrooms the desks are displayed in a circular way and the teacher is sitting among the students.

You just need to take a quick look around the school to understand it is an uncommon school, a feeling which is confirmed to Mi Tomorrow by its founder Daniele Nappo who is still showing the same enthusiasm of the beginning although its creature has reached its third decade.



How did the idea come up?


«From my passion for IT. I took into consideration the school sector and I realized that such a school did not exist: it was the year 1992 and nowadays there are no schools like this in Milan except ours».



There are many places where you can study IT.


«There are 50 specialized training centres in Milan but they are not schools».



You started in 1992, one of thecity's most difficult moments


«Except for the context in which we are born, I must say that it's really hard to start up a school, it is not like opening a bar, it is a mission, a phylosophy to be dedicated to the students».



Which is your phylosophy?


«The customized teaching, the attention we paid to the students' needs, the need to be constantly updated, that's why we call it a multi-media teaching».



Multi-media teaching means that the students don't have to carry their school bags anymore?


«Sure, they come to school with their tablets».



Besides using these new tools how is the teaching constantly updated?


«Unlike the religious schools  that mainly focus on the educational project we think a good  teaching offer is also needed. Our teachers are young, they between 30 and 50 years old, they deal with  500 students, they are often under pressure but they are really prepared since the students push them to be updated; our teaching methods are technologically based so the teachers' role has been changing».



How do teachers work at the Freud School?


«We are not bringing knowledge nowadays, teachers are in charge with spreading the knowledge and select the information: teachers aren't the source of the knowledge anymore, they are the ones who select the proper information to be spread. So the organization of the space inside the classrooms is different as well, the desks are not displayed in the traditional way but they are arranged in a circle, teachers aren't sitting behind a big desk anymore, they are standing and they use the touch screen: they must take on new challenges because they know they can learn from their students».



Teachers are not likely to be at the same level as their students?


«No, they aren't. Actually the relationship with their student is more direct, we also make jokes togehter. At the same time, they are very respectful of the school, we ask them to be tidy and organized, they get into the school by using their entry pass, they must tidy up their clasroom and they respect the environment».



Are there any bullying problems?


«There are cameras in all the classrooms, we are working properly from this point of view so I can say there is no risk».



Let's talk about the school activities, you have got many


«Along their 208 days at school the students are committed to running 3 papers, there is the theatre project as well as the psychology of writing, we offer some foreign languages courses and internship projects in cooperation with companies like Philips and we also organize two simulated companies».



What do your students generally do after getting their certification?


«One out of two starts working, the other ones attend the University».



It's not easy to start working when you are 19


«There are some IT companies that are interested in our students before they finish their cycle of studies so they can find a job in different industrial environments or in the service sectors».



How do you deal with the less talented ones?

«You must work on motivation and provide some opportunities because I think they are all intelligent».


The way you are talking your school sounds a mission…

«My mission is responsibility, respect, upbringing, taking new challenges and believe in your talent».



There is also a newspaper lab

The Freud Institute is a State Recognized School with three fields of study: technical technological IT, technical, economy and tourism and the High School for Human Sciences with  a cycle of studies dedicated to economics and social studies.


Since its foundation the technology has been taken into consideration although the humanistic knowledge hasn't been disregarded as the projects addressed tothe  fields of culture, volunteering, legality, wellness and sport prove. Among the different projects we intend to highlight the newspaper lab where the students work with a simulated editorial staff where they can put their ideas into practice. We focus on the psychological aspects a lot, there is a counselor in our school, the help-desk is called "talk to me" and there is also a help-desk dedicated to the writing.


The Freud School is based in Via Accademia 26, telephone 02 2940 9829

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