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11 febbraio 2022

On Friday 11 February 2022, Dr. Daniele Nappo, legal representative of the S. Freud Private School, in the national newspaper “Il Giorno” in the column “Piazza Lombardia” exposes his reflections on the difficulties of today's teaching profession.

The boys, at present, are struggling to find fixed points, which is probably due to the fact that we are in society “completely and immediately without sacrifice”. At this juncture, the role of the teacher-educator, who must have mediation, empathic abilities, intellectual elasticity, becomes of fundamental importance. Each pupil has his or her own uniqueness, which the school system must learn to enhance.

“Today we live in a society where it is difficult to find fixed points, our country does not offer children any certainty about their future, let alone long-term plans and visions. Once, it doesn't seem easy rhetoric, there was commitment, duty, sacrifice. These principles have almost vanished in our reality. Students no longer understand them because unfortunately they are used to not knowing the effort and dedication. On the contrary, not always but in many cases, they have everything immediately and seek the easiest way to achieve success.For years pedagogists have attended various dissertations on "being" an educator, on the "knowledge" of the educator, on how to "do" the educator. In a liquid society, to put it in the words of the Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, educating and giving this task to schools is not at all easy. The role of the educator-teacher is by no means simple also because constant updating is required. Being a teacher educator today means having empathic and relationship mediation skills, using and collaborating on educational didactic projects, imposing a completely different intellectual flexibility from a few years ago. The teacher no longer has a passive role, on the contrary he experiences reality in persistent restlessness because he is aware of the value of education that must be learned in the classroom. And unfortunately this commitment of his is not always recognized and the merits are often not admitted and understood. The contemporary school can no longer afford to navigate by sight: it has to plan and plan everything, it has to build the future of the students avoiding uncertainties and negative results. The teacher thus represented becomes an advocate of ideas for the realization of learning processes and school goals even with the most fragile girls and boys. It has to compose and implement individualized solutions, sometimes facing real obstacles. Each young person is unique and important, with a different past and experience and no one must be left alone (...) Learning to clash with reality places children in the condition to mature, to grow, to become protagonists of themselves. Otherwise we will have in the future only futile, light, inconsistent people, unable to understand the world around them. The teacher knows that he does not work with numbers in a register but with people, he knows that he must build a bridge to try to overcome the difficulty, which cannot have a superficial attitude. It is a work of will but also of feeling. Today's teacher must be configured as a reflective educator of situations and areas, who are constantly looking for new operational models. "

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