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10 settembre 2021

In the usual Friday column, the Director of the Institute, addressing IT, Tourism and Human Sciences, expresses his reflections on the "scheduled tests".

Young people should be given the opportunity to organize themselves in the study and to know the moment in which they will be heard in the various disciplines

We promote scheduled tests

Scheduled tests are one of the school's catchphrases: on the one hand those who think it is a way to go too far towards the students, on the other hand those who believe that they study only for the fixed appointment and therefore the risk is that the commitment and learning becomes sporadic.

According to some teachers, the agreed schedule leads the student to feel "exempt" from studying for the entire duration of the explanations, making it almost impossible to apply the methodology linked to the participated lesson. A teacher could not converse with a student if he did not review the topics and therefore would be reduced to holding solitary monologues. The student, for his part, would find himself in complete rest for the entire period of the explanations and then, a few days after the verification, would do a full immersion to pass the question.

If all the teachers, however, questioned by surprise without warning and without planning, the students would not have the slightest possibility of organizing their task.

It is therefore a problem of personal planning, which will then also serve in the life of the future citizen who for the moment attends an educating community with the possibility of forming himself correctly with respect to his own commitments. It is a modality that if it happens, in the right way, could become very important even at work. It is not possible to expect from students, who are children with their dilemmas and often also afflicted by anxiety and emotional states related to adolescence, that in a limited period they are ready to take questions and class assignments for more than ten subjects, perhaps facing two or three audits on the same day. Young people should be given the opportunity to organize themselves in the study and to know the moment in which they will be heard in the various disciplines.

We know from experience that children suffer from insecurity and emotional fragility also induced by a society that gives them everything, but does not get them used to facing difficulties. Psychological distress undeniably creates negative outcomes. The school must also take on this task: to prepare for the future life. But it cannot and must not do it by imposing fear and insecurity, the fear of surprise checks, a true form of 'psychological terrorism', must not spread. After all, it is certain that when students are at the University they will always know the dates of the exams in advance. 

Dott. Daniele Nappo

Legal Representative Private School S. Freud

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