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14 gennaio 2022

On Friday 14 January the usual editorial, published in the national newspaper "Il Giorno", by Dr. Daniele Nappo, legal representative of the S. Freud Paritaria School, in which the reflections concerning the use of FAD (distance learning ) and DAD (distance learning).

The DAD quickly implemented the change concerning school digitalization, which is mandatory to follow during the Covid19 pandemic. Today's PCs are intuitive to understand, everyone can use them independently, and they can be very useful for e-learning purposes, which could lead to numerous advantages, becoming part of the modern and technological school.

“The Covid19 pandemic has changed the school, transformed the relationship between teacher and student and opened up to a scenario of alternative teaching; conjunctures occurred that probably could not have been experienced under normal conditions. Distance education, Dad, has implemented the digital change at school in a sudden and laborious way; distance learning didactics has followed the trend and development of technology on the transfer of education in this situation. Today the school has been able to focus its attention on the process of technological science, so much so that it has sought new practices of sharing knowledge.The contemporary school, in particular, immediately built video lessons, that is self-produced tutorials generally available online on the site divided by address, subject and topic. Very useful resources in the school environment, especially for free application. The basic peculiarity of distance learning, the acronym is Fad, is that of crossing the condition of simultaneous presence between teacher and student in the learning processes. The development of the means of communication supports the growth of FAD reconciled by the computer, and experienced by the children with the class group and with the teacher in real time.It can be noted that the authenticity of the technology used in the Dad has allowed crucial steps, that is, it is not the PC that replaces the man but becomes a tool: it is no longer an enemy of the teacher or the young person, but it is an 'environment' and a means of communicating and informing. Today the computer has become simple and intuitive to use. Nobody looks at the technological machine as a threat anymore, the concept of automaton no longer exists. Virtual learning environments not only build distributed learning in a better way, the so-called distributed learning, but they have the ability to bridge the physical distance that exists between teacher and learner, allowing the simultaneity of communication, verbal and visual exchange. , together with a feedback, an immediate verification that seems even more natural than what you can have in the presence. In fact, mediated communication in simultaneous or asynchronous written form (characterized by the absence of real-time interaction between teachers and young people) would abolish students' fear of making mistakes or the hesitation to ask trivial questions. "



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