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Anxiety for the Final State Exam, the real concern, Covid

1 giugno 2021

On 1 June 2021, the Legal Representative of the Charter School S. Freud, Dr. Daniele Nappo, publishes in the usual column in the newspaper "Il Giorno", the data of the focus conducted internally at the School directed by him, on the subject of the exam. of State at the time of the Coronavirus.

From the survey, it emerges that high school graduates are afraid of being labelled as "Covid graduates", as happened in 1968, with the so-called "political 6".


Anxiety, but also panic attack, troubles in learning due to the reduction of direct relations with the teachers, preparation lower than the average. These are only some of the concerns recognised among the students after the Distance Learning ( DL) concerning the Final State Exam and Graduation.

However, it is revealed another particular issue that has a real meaning especially in the perspective of the entry to professional world: the concern to be considered as  “the students with Covid promotion”, i.e with this facilitation as in the times of   “6 for everybody" in‘68.

This aspect has been revealed in during a focus realized about the  ‘sentiment’ of more than 700 students attending Freud School in Milan. About 50% of students is concerned to be labelled by an easier promotion or by a gigher mark as a consequence of the pandemic. And almost 60% thinks it would be create prejudices towards the students graduated last year or in the current school year early in their career during a work interview.

On the other side, about  70%, of students, on the basis of their relation with friends and acquaintances attending other schools, considers their preparation lower than the average in the last two years, even it's not depending on them.

There is a growing feeling of sadness because of he fact they haven't been able to share the final school year together with their schoolfriends according to our focus  ‘Maturità 2021’.

Students have troubles in sleeping when they think of their Final Exam. They are totally distressed and full of negative thoughts, because they aren't able to share their emotional experience. This issue is not to underestimate, we have to support our students. Moreover, there is also the concern to be labelled as the " students with Covid promotion", i.e less prepared to their entry to University or to the professional world.

They are convinced theywill struggle to valorize their preparation and their competences.

It's not a positive aspect the fact that toung people have no dreams and expectations for their future.  

Dott. Daniele Nappo

Legal Representative S. Freud

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