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5 agosto 2022

The territory must be an educational partner and allow the time and space of schooling to be organized so that students and families are at the center of the collective interest. A bridge must be built between school and territory.


There are various juxtapositions in the relationship between school and territory thought over the years that have given rise to various expressions and considerations; in the last two decades with the introduction of school autonomy, institutions, either separately or connected in a Network, can draw up conventions with state or private universities, or with institutions, bodies, associations or agencies functioning in the territory that intend to give their contribution to the realization of specific objectives.

The operation of the relationship between school, or, rather, between education, and territory is to build educational cities, participatory open schools, educating communities, community educational pacts; the focus then is not on the educational institution but on the city, and mainly on the local authority, the municipality or municipal administration that works efficiently in the field of education.
The goal is to define the role of city policy makers, who are called upon to really listen to the needs of young people, making them active participants in the construction of educational programs and, above all, able to draw on resources and information. The open school, the participatory school, the one defined as an educating community, is a whole community that revolves around young people, a community that flourishes with them, that educates the adults of tomorrow, but also gets educated and changed by them. To give birth to an educating community, it is essential to involve all stakeholders in the area in projects to bring young people and their families back to the center of the collective interest.
Together with the sharing of tools, ideas and good activities it is imaginable to achieve the common goal of improving the living conditions of boys, who become not only recipients of services, but mainly protagonists and active subjects of the initiatives organized and initiated. The pacts that the educational institution enters into with local authorities and third sector associations increase the educational offerings, which under the direction of the school headmaster, who signs the territorial pact together with the legal representatives of the associations, undertake to provide services and design educational activities in the territory.
The activity should not constitute watertight compartments, because school and city are by vocation called to build an inclusive world. In relaunching the city-school pact, one must go beyond the simple request or provision of services: the educational system of a territory is developed around a program attended synergistically by all actors. We must inevitably broaden the sharing of the educational project through recognition, respect, and bi-universal valorization, each with his or her own role and all participating in a common path: the humanization of life thanks, transversally, to the culture with which one qualifies the forming of active subjects and citizens.



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