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13 dicembre 2019


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•   When you go on a job interview, the first thing you have to do is trying to foresee the questions you will be asked.

•    Glassdoor went through thousands reviews aboutjob interviews to discover the ones that the Human Resources'Managers usually ask.

•    You should get ready to tell your interviewer which are your strenghts and your weaknesses, your salary requests and much more. Social economics Human Science High School


You have heard it a thousand times: practicing makes tou perfect.

Mainly when you are involved in a job interview.

The best thing you can do is to be prepared for that. The best way to do it is to practice (without memorizing by heart!) the questions you are likely to be asked. 


 1 Which are your strengths?

This is the right moment to stress your most interesting features and what is written in your CV.

 2 Which are your weaknesses?

Don't panic if you are asked this question! Read this article to learn how to face it.

 3 Why are you interested in working for [company name]?

 Be true, don't talk about the amazoing policy of days off or the wonderful free snacks.

              4 Where do you see yourself in five, ten years?

Dale Kurow, a coach for executives from New York sais the answer to this question can show the company if you have the proper ethic, the attitude and the professionalism that are needed on a long-run view

 5 Why do you want to leave your current company?

Whatever might have happended, never criticize the former company or your boss.

 6 Why didn't you work from [enter a date] to [enter a date]? 

Be true and and go straight to the point. Turn this question into an opportunity to talk about the skills you have learned while you were not working like restarting attending University.

 7 What can you offer us the other candidates can't? 

It's your chance to tell your employer what makes yourself different from the others.

 8 Which are the three things your former boss would like you to improve?

 Like the question about your weaknesses, focus on your skills and the characteristics  that are not concerned with the need to get that job.

 9 Are you willing to move?

 Be true! Otherwise you'll regret it.

             10 Are you willing to travel?

Once again, be true — take this chance to ask how many travels are included in your duties.

11 Tell me something about the outcome you are the most proud of

Focus on a fullfilment the interviewer can be impressed from. Make it interesting.

12 Can you tell me about a mistake you made

Be careful. Try to focus on what you have learned from that mistake rather than underlying it

13 Whay is your dream job?

Choose somethin related to the job you are applying for. In case it's not true you should reconsider the job.

14 How did you hear about this selection?

You should speak about your contacts now: “actually, my aunt works for the accounting department and she's always so happy with this workplace. She told me about this opportunity”.

15 What would you like to achieve on the first 30/60/90 working days?

Don't  be too ambitious, try to offer creative ideas to show you could be an added value for the company.

              16 Tell me something about your curriculum.

Don't read it, try to create an image so that the interviewer can understand how you have reached your role.

17 Tell me about your Education.

Once again, don't make a list of the schools you have attended. Try to explain how the education you got has prepared you for the job

18 Descrie yourself

There are plenty of ways to face this question and many wrong ones. This article will help you

19 Tell me how you dealt with a difficult situation

 Get along a challenge you faced, explain how you overcame it, for instance how you dealt with an angry customer or a crowded department store if you want to work for the retail sector.

20 Why should we hire you?

When interviewers ask this question they want to be convinced you are the best candidate for the job.

21 Why are you looking for a new job?

Once again, be true and don't criticize the former company you have worked for or your former boss.

22 Would you be availble to work during holidays or at the week-end?

You must sound reliable but thre are limits too.

23 How would you face a very angry customer?

It's an important question. Let the inerviewer understand you would face a difficult situation in a professional way.

24 What do you expect as a salary?

 It may be embarassing talking about money and it could also be very difficult. What you say can have important consequences regarding your role and the salary you will be offered. Here are some steps you can go through when you talk about the salary.

25 Tell me about an experience that went much beyond the project's expectations.

 It is important to show your future manager you can make further efforts to reach a goal

26 Do you know our competitors?

 You must do homework in this case and show your interviewer you know the field.

27 Which is your biggest failure?

 Try to be positive while you are answering to this question. Focus on how you reacted and what you learned from that experience. Explain it was useful to grow as a person and as a professional.

28 What motivates you?

The answer to this question must show the interviewer you are fond of the field you have been working for.

29 What is your availability?

 It is important to know in advance when you are available. Very often the timetable is scheduled so check in advance if it can meet your needs and your availability

30 Who's your tutor?

Your answer will say a lot about your priorities so be true although thinking about your answer.

31Tell me about  once you didn't agree with your boss

Sure you don't want to talk about that tough quarrel you had with your boss but you should tell your interviewer how you would have liked to tackle the situation in a different way. This can show you can take control over a situation.

32 How do you deal with pressure?

 Your interviewer might want to know how you can react under pressure.

             33 What's your AD's name?

In short, did you do your "homework?”.

34 Which are your career's objectives?

 This is the perfect moment to say something about how you think you are going to be successful within the company after you have proved your value

35 What gives you strenght in the morning?

Mention a few aspects that are related to your job and the motivation you daily get from it

36 What would your direct contact people say about you?

Focus on the positive aspects but be also true and realistic.

37 Which are your boss' strengths/weaknesses?

 Once again, be true and don't criticize your former boss too much.

38 If I called your boss right now and I asked him/her how you could improve, what would you say?

 Being able to answer this question implies you are interested in your own progress, you always ask for a feedback, either positive or negative from your boss in order to improve

39 Is he/she a boss or a follower?

Both answers imply advantages and disadvantes so you must choose the proper one to impress your inteviewer. Just be ready to explain why.

40 Which is the last book your read for leaisure?

 This is a good way for the interviewer to get to know yourself — he/she might be impressed if the book you mention is related to the sector he/she's involved with.

41 What is annoying about your colleagues?

 When you answer don't sound a whiner or someone who gets very easily annoyed

42 Which are your hobbies?

 The interviewer just want to get you know you better so it is important to mention the hobbies that better represent your strengths, your passion and your skills so that you can talk about them on the interview.

43 What's your favourite website?

 Pay attention to this question. If you are having a job interview on Facebook you'd rather avoid saying “Twitter!”.

44 What makes you feel uncomfortable?

 Focus on something which is not part of your daily routine in case you are hired.

45 Can you tell about some leadership experiences?

Don't make a list. Choose a few experiences you are particularly proud of and tell how you successfully ran a team.

46 How would you fire someone?

 Explain all the needed steps but say that you would get in touch with your boss first or the Human Resources' Manager in order to know if there are specific measures to be taken

47 What do you like the most and what do you like the least in this sector?

 be true without offending the employer and the Human Resources' Manager.

48 Would you work more than 40 hours per week?

say you could be available to work more than 40 hours per week but also say you want to keep some free time to spend with your family and friends.

49 Which questions didn't I ask you?

 if you have considered other topics that haven't been taken into account it's time to mention them

50 Do you have any questions for me?


Take the chance. Asking questions is the best way to understand if you would be really happy to work for this employer and if your objectives match your employer's ones. Here is a list of 34 good questions to ask at the end of a job interview, in case they haven't been fully covered yet.


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