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Do you want to change curriculum?Yes, you can

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You have chosen a school curriculum but it is not for you.

The school subjects and the workload is too huge or it doesn't comply with the the inclination of the student. Therefore the results are not satisfying.

Every morning the student feels uncomfortable-.This occurs due to unfavourable environmental factors:maybe because of the difficult interaction with his schoolmates or with his teachers; in this case it is necessary  a 'change of scene'  and to be followed by teachers able to stimulate the interests of the students. As a matter of fact a  more informal relationship can result more decisive for this purpose.

The transcript reminds you how close you are to failing your class. 

Some teachers sometimes don't enhance the passions of the students and- instead of showing understanding and empathy-  give them a lot of homework and reject to schedule oral and written tests.

On the contrary, students must be self-confident.  It's important for them  to have new  challenges in order to finish the school year and find pleasure in studying.

 Parents can avoid disappointment and discord and this is a great help to bring back harmony in the family.

At OUR SCHOOL teachers understand the needs of the students and know how to handle the class effectively.  All this leads the students not to give up their passion or natural talents and at the same time to keep up with the demands of the school. 

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