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Implementation and Valorization of the study-programmes

The School  Sigmund Freud has been always oriented towards the promotion of the occupational opportunities within the study programmes provided and within the Work-Related Learning Experiences ( Italian PCTO). According to this principle that characterises the educational mission of the School, from the next school-year 2021-2022  we want to implement  our study-programmes in the three curricula- ICT School, Tourism Economic and Management and Human Sciences High School.

In accordance with an integration fitting to the several stages of educational and cognitive development of the students, the introduction of new school-subjects  following  modern  and workshop activities- gives its contribution to the constant education of our students to prepare them to continue their University studies or to face the challenges of modern times. 

These new school-subjects are additional  to the traditional study-programmes of the Ministry of Education. Therefore, they represent a reference framework whose target consists in the innovation and the improvement of a school-system that needs to be constantly updated and modernised.

By the way, the autonomy in terms of projects,of  teaching and learning methods, of organization and development - arranged in the PTOF ( Three-Years Educational Offer Plan) represents a ditinctive feature of Our School. It is a useful independence that takes care of the full valorization, empowerment and development of the human beings, by always taking into account their relationships.    

Generally speaking, we want to develop, point out and put into practice a series of coordinated approaches that contributes to creating - by means of proficiency and effectiveness -  - objectives addressed towards the present and modern times in order to arise the  students' interest and to deeply inspire them. In fact, curiosity is a beneficial feature to the learning process that plunges its roots into a deep sense of motivation. 

By providing new and modern school-subjects, we want to pursue the strategy of circular promotion of motivation and success: motivated and responsible students achieve easily their success in the learning process. As a matter of fact, success has the power to increase the sense of motivation. 

In fact, we are aware that - despite the process of modernisation of the school-programmes- remains a non sufficient number of hours concerning the core subjects in the first two-years. We want to overcome the difference between the first and the second two-years, with the creation of a continuum able to prepare our students to learn their subjects of specialization , so that our pupils develop a growing sense of interest and pleasure towards the schoo-subjects provided, since the first year. Therefore, because of this, School Freud has provided for the next school-year 2021-2022 - in accordance with the educational approaches - new contents, by adapting the programmes of the school-curricula since the beginning of the school-career.

In detail, we are going to introduce the following school-subjects:


in the study-plan of the ICT SCHOOL in the first two years.

MARKETING AND COMMUNICATION                                    

in the study-plan of TOURISM ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT, in the first two years. 


in the study-plan of Human Sciences High School- option Socioeconomics- in the first two years.  

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