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Double Program High School


S. Freud School has signed an important agreement with NISAI Global School to offer a dual high school diploma program that will allow students to earn both an Italian degree and a prestigious English degree, the Cambridge A-Level.The Cambridge International Diploma (High school) is recognized worldwide and opens the door to a future international university and job path and can be earned at the same time as an Italian 2nd grade high school diploma. The didactic methodology adopted by S. Freud allows the achievement of the International High School Diploma in presence and at a distance (in Blended mode), through a virtual structure that combines the best High School standards with an innovative and flexible method. Students will attend two schools at the same time:  "S. Freud" School in presence and the British NISAI Global School online with the dedicated support of our Tutors. Dual Secondary School is based on the recognition of subjects taken in the Italian course of study,through the e-learning platform.The duration of the course can be defined according to the type of program chosen and varies from two to four years. For each course that students will take at Nisai-Cambridge International School, the commitment is an average of six hours per week. The total number of courses taken by students depends on the length of the chosen pathway. 

This path of excellence, available at our "S. Freud" School is held entirely in English.

The advantages of pursuing a dual degree are many and are based on real benefits:


At the end of the course, students, after passing their final exams, gain an International High School Diploma (the Cambridge A-Level qualification) that allows for placement in University or work at an international level.

  • The qualification therefore facilitates the student when applying to international universities.
  • Personal development: the student has the advantage of relating to flexible and empowering study that leads them to schedule their commitments to coincide with deadlines and optimize time for effective and fruitful study.They also acquire useful skills and knowledge to maximize their soft skills
  • Language skills and involvement: the experience is not limited to just learning English because it is a total immersion; students study and think in English, attend classes, and can express themselves every day with native speakers. They participate in Live Session with other international students expressing themselves independently in English while improving and strengthening their language proficiency.
  • At the end of the course, they reach a level equivalent to C1-C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference.
  • Support Tutors: Students and families can always count on the presence of academic tutors, reference figures who are always available to follow them closely at various stages of the pathway. 

The tutors intervene as needed.

  • Skills and Technological Immersion: through online teaching and e-learning systems, students learn to take advantage of various IT tools for the presentation of digital content and for distance communication and collaboration in a virtual way.
  • Cultural Skills and Immersion: students are constantly confronted with international teaching methodology and cultures from different countries. They tackle multicultural study topics and interface with faculty and fellow students who come from all over the world.
  • The International Diploma is a Recognized Qualification, all over the World, that opens the doors for future University and work path and is achievable together with the normal Italian school program,gives access to the best Universities in the world.

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For more details on the courses that can be followed and the exact number of hours per week required, please ask us for more information with a personalised information consultation.

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